Elements of the Fintech Revolution

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April 27, 2016

Elements of the Fintech Revolution

JaxDevops/JaxFinance Welcome and Opening Keynote: Elements of the Fintech Revolution
With Sebastian Meyen, Chief Content Officer at Software & Support Media, will welcome you and introduce you the JAX Finance and JAX DevOps program.

In the opening keynote Eric Horesnyi will talk about the actors that lead the change in the FinTech movement and the so-called industry disruptors. He invites you on a journey to discover what’s under the hood of this ongoing revolution and to debunk some myths concerning the future of banking and the culture of unicorns. He will also discuss the tech part of the FinTech movement and how it revolutionizes every part of the finance industry and every actor involved.
His keynote is followed by a panel discussion, where we will try and find out whether developers could lead the change or not and how they can benefit from the fact that IT is now at the heart of all businesses.



April 27, 2016