Meet the New Web Typography: Same as the Old Web Typography

7046c1d182e4ae28f4623f22f8fbde9b?s=47 Erik Vorhes
October 07, 2011

Meet the New Web Typography: Same as the Old Web Typography

My brief-ish talk for the AIGA Chicago event on October 6, 2011, “The New Web Typography.”

A little context:

1. The same typographic “rules” that held for type on the web before webfonts are still in effect.

2. “Font stacks” were a pain, but tracking down which webfonts are available where can be just as difficult.

3. Webfonts let us do fun things that we couldn’t do when we couldn’t know that a visitor had the same installed fonts.

4. At VSA we test type in as many browsers and operating systems as we can — including dealing with the suckage of how IE8 and earlier mishandle opacity.

5. Opentype support in browsers promises the ability to use real type to create logos and word marks.

6. For now, we need to settle for tools that help us achieve some of those effects (when we need them).

7. But webfonts are still in their infancy (as is the web itself). We have a long way to go — and need to keep pushing.


Erik Vorhes

October 07, 2011