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GitOps: Operations by Pull-request

GitOps: Operations by Pull-request

This talk is based on https://www.weave.works/blog/gitops-operations-by-pull-request, I've presented this at Kubernetes meetup in San Francisco.


Ilya Dmitrichenko

September 27, 2017


  1. @errordeveloper GitOps: Operations by Pull-request

  2. outline: – our story – gitops theory – live demo

  3. – our story what do we do?

  4. – our story what we offer?

  5. – our story how I benefit?

  6. – gitops theory

  7. – gitops theory • any developer can use git •

    anyone can join team and ship a new app or make changes easily • all changes can be stored, audited and validated in git and we didn’t have to do anything very new or clever =)
  8. – gitops theory • config is code & everything is

    config (‘declarative infra’) • code (& config!) must be version controlled • CD tools that do not record changes in git are harmful
  9. – gitops theory Continuous Delivery/Deployment Image Repo Orchestrator Deploy Synchronizer

    Config change Manual deployment Git Code change Git Update Hint Continuous Integration Deploy Automator CI Pipeline
  10. – kube pitfalls

  11. I just go and kubectl all the things; great!

  12. Maybe, I should get my CI to do kubectl!

  13. Now, I need some templates…

  14. Now, I need some templates… $ man sed

  15. Helm is a thing. I should use it.

  16. – more gitops

  17. – more gitops •everything is checked in git •easy to

    deploy the entire stack locally •easy to fork a cluster •easy to detect ad-hoc changes, alert/undo
  18. – more gitops •git is the source of truth •review

    process is the same as for code •infra changes go through review process •you are free to use whatever tools
  19. live demo: Let’s do GitOps!

  20. cloud.weave.works

  21. ilya@weave.works slack.weave.works

  22. meetup.com/pro/Weave