Things to consider when making a portfolio

Things to consider when making a portfolio

The art of selling yourself…


Associates, Partners et Sons

November 21, 2011


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    Associates, Partners et Sons is a graphic design studio based

    in Riga, Latvia. It was formed in January 2010 by Edgars Zvirgzdiņš after graduating from Graphic Design course at University of Brighton. Featured: Creative Review / One by One book / Dizaina Studija / Deko / Diena / Ir / Project Baltija / Latvijas Architektura etc. Studio is currently working with architecture, culture and music based clients, sharing an office with 1plus1 architect studio and collaborating with friends across Europe. Awards: Latvian Association of Architects Award 2010 Shortlisted at Adwards 2010
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    WHAT IS PORTFOLIO? portfolio |pôrt¬fōlē¬ō| ¬ a large, thin, flat

    case for loose sheets of paper such as drawings or maps. ¬ a set of pieces of creative work collected by someone to display their skills, esp. to a potential employer.
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    WHAT WILL IT DO FOR ME? It is your key

    component to get: ¬ a job or commision ¬ a place in University ¬ your work into galleries ¬ publicity After your personality, it is the second most valuable tool that you posess to help you find a job — A.Shaughnessy
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    THE ART OF SELLING YOURSELF ¬ Know your audience at

    the other side of table ¬ Know what you want: what work do you want to do, do you have the work to show that you can do it — you are more likely to be commissioned for the kind of work you have in portfolio. ¬ Be selective: a good portfolio can contain up to 15 pieces of work, but show them off depending from audience / atmosphere / time considerations of the meeting or interview
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    THE ART OF SELLING YOURSELF ¬ Create a flow: portfolio

    presentation should be like a story with impressive start and ending. There will be times when you drop off a portfolio and don’t talk through the person who views it — make it work without you! ¬ Keep it clean & simple: your work in portfolio should speak for itself. You will be judged for work as well as for your presentation! Make a grid, lay everything out neatly, presto! ¬ Devil is in the detail: pay attention to the small things. ¬ Push yourself to create good work: obvious one
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    PRINTED PORTFOLIO ¬ Format: Loose sheet based / Bound –

    a book or magazine ¬ Size: A3 is portable and large enough, A2 is too big ¬ Quality: Inkjet prints on a heavy paper (avoid gloss) ¬ Carrier: Consider making a photography portfolio box or buying a special bag (avoid ring-binders)
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    PDF PORTFOLIO ¬ Format: PDF (of course) ¬ Resolution: 800x600

    / 1024x768 px landscape ¬ Quality & Size: try to keep as slim as possible 5-10 MB for e-mailing, less important when showing in person, be aware of JPEG artifacts which come with smaller file sizes
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    WEBSITE & NETWORK PORTFOLIO ¬ Platform: Depends on your web-skills,

    try! ¬ Flash: Avoid! ¬ Publicity: Today everyone uses internet – make something good and tomorrow you might find yourself featured in some of the worlds biggest blogs, magazines, etc. ¬ Network: Limits customization, offers great start for those who don’t know how to make websites, possiblity for network- ing and greater exposure.
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    RECAP: 7 STEPS TO GREAT PORTFOLIO ¬ Know your audience

    ¬ Know what you want ¬ Be selective ¬ Create a flow ¬ Keep it simple ¬ Devil is in the Detail ¬ Push yourself to create good work