Scrum buts » but Scrum - which is worse?

Scrum buts » but Scrum - which is worse?

The term "scrumbut" could mean:
1. A person engaged in only partially Agile project management or development methodologies
2. One who engages in either semi-agile or quasi-waterfall development methodologies.
3. One who adopts only some tenents of the Scrum methodology.
4. In general, one who uses the word “but” when answering the question “Do you do Scrum?”

ScrumButs are reasons why teams can’t take full advantage of Scrum to solve the problems and realize the benefits.

But Scrum ...
- Yes, these are bad situations. But let's look at the flipside - let's look at 'But Scrum.'
- 'But Scrum' is when a person/team/organization flips off their 'thinking bit' and just burps up whatever Scrum tells them to do.


Fabio Armani

June 09, 2015