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Dynamic monitoring using Chef, Sensu and Graphite

Dynamic monitoring using Chef, Sensu and Graphite

Talk given at DevOpsMTL on Nov. 4th, 2013


Jean-Francois Theroux

November 04, 2013


  1. Dynamic monitoring using Chef, Sensu and Graphite Devops Montreal -

    Nov. 4th, 2013
  2. None
  3. Legacy monitoring • Built with small infrastructures in mind •

    Usually means manual configuration • Doesn’t integrate well with CM tools • Can’t cluster it, no HA • Checks are defined server-side • Doesn’t work well in cloud envs
  4. Sensu • Open source • Server is less than 1000

    lines of Ruby • Flexible and scalable • Built with CM tools like Chef in mind • Thriving community • Built for dynamic environments like the cloud http://sensuapp.org http://github.com/sensu #sensu @ irc.freenode.net
  5. Architecture

  6. Cons • Dashboards are very minimal, lots of room for

    improvements • Some bugs related to RabbitMQ • Project is moving fast, so to benefit, you need to upgrade often • It’s a framework, you need to know how to code in Ruby (might be scary for some) • Windows support is currently broken
  7. Pros • open source (Ruby) • Easily deployable with Chef

    and Puppet • Scalable, lightweight and extendable • Clients register themselves with the server, config is not server-side • Built for the cloud
  8. None
  9. Demo Demo cookbook along with the Vagrantfile can be found

    here: https://github.com/failshell/chef-prism
  10. Thanks! • twitter: failshell • www: failshell.io • github: failshell