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Michael Tedder @ 10th Pleasant 100 persons with Hokkaido vol.2

Michael Tedder @ 10th Pleasant 100 persons with Hokkaido vol.2

A personal presentation on how I managed to find my way over to Japan (and subsequently, Sapporo), given at the 10th "Pleasant 100 persons with Hokkaido vol.2". I discuss my involvement in the games industry, and how I got there with the work I did in VR, SIGGRAPH, and the demoscene. I also go into detail on the demoscene itself, including the Revision demoparty, 4KB/64KB size-limited demos, and how I am making the demoscene more known to Japan by helping run and organize Tokyo Demo Fest.

(Note: This presentation is only in Japanese, sorry.)

Michael Tedder

February 07, 2018

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