Rpc on Steroids with Go and grpc

Rpc on Steroids with Go and grpc

Inter-process communication faces many challenges in nowadays distributed systems. Service discovery, retries, and such need to be addressed in order to cover all the needs of a distributed scenario. Grpc provides a valid alternative to rest calls, essentially being an easy to use cross language rpc framework. On top of that, Go has proved itself to be a suitable language for those kind of applications. What it is less know is the fact that it is really easy to extend the Grpc Go implementation with features such as authentication, service discovery, tracing, retry mechanisms and more.

During this talk I will explain how Gprc works, how to use it, and then will show how to build powerful interprocess communication by leveraging Grpc full potential. The audience will walk away with a solid understanding of how Grpc internally works and several useful techniques for taking full advantage of its powerful but lesser known features.


Federico Paolinelli

October 21, 2019