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How a feature is born

November 09, 2013

How a feature is born

A high-level overview presented as a lightning talk for RailsGirls Chicago 2013. This presentation explains how a feature goes from an idea to live for users at Instructure.


November 09, 2013

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  1. How a feature is born A wee lightning talk by

    Liz Abinante [email protected] • @feministy • github.com/feministy Monday, November 11, 13
  2. What is a feature? Something new that adds functionality to

    your application. Monday, November 11, 13
  3. Product Prioritize features based on internal and external demand UX/UI

    Determine how users interact with features and design interfaces Developers Write tests and code with input from all roles throughout process Manual QA Test features using many browsers and operating systems Monday, November 11, 13