Procrastination makes you better: Life of a remotee

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May 24, 2014

Procrastination makes you better: Life of a remotee

Nowadays, more and more companies are moving towards “being remote”. Likewise, more and more people want to work remotely. I get asked quite often what it is like to work remotely, how I manage to respect deadlines and actually do some work. Many people think that working remotely is hard and that just a small set of folks can actually do it. This is not true!

Working remotely is not just about getting things done. It’s more about getting yourself to the point where you’re able to get things done. Going remote forces people to deal with things like having a good place to work from, being comfortable, managing their own time, defining priorities themselves and having time for themselves as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how hard people try not to procrastinate, one way or another, procrastination manages to fill a huge part of the time and you know what, THAT’S FINE!

In this talk, I’ll share my experience as a remote developer, the things that have changed in my life since I stopped commuting every day and decided to be a prisoner of my own house. I’ll go through the things I struggled with, the things I learned to deal with and how I embrace procrastination. This talk is a great opportunity for everyone to learn and share from real life experiences about this work arrangement.



May 24, 2014