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Don't try to look smart, be smart

October 05, 2017

Don't try to look smart, be smart

The technology industry is growing and already huge. The number of humans in this industry and the number of areas they can work on are overwhelming. The number of opportunities often don't seem as many for an industry that big, nonetheless.

Regardless of how long you've been in this industry, you often feel overwhelmed, unfocused, demotivated by the size of the industry, the uncertainty it generates and the urge of doing something others consider important.

Throughout this talk, the audience will learn how to grow in an industry that is often blasted with intellectual appearances, quantity over quality and unstoppable, constant, changes. The talk provides tips to cope with large communities and fields as well as experiences and examples.


October 05, 2017

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  1. Good Morning

  2. Stand up!

  3. Imagine...

  4. You can sit if you want!

  5. I’m Flavio...

  6. … or @flaper87

  7. For attending Still here feel free to interrupt @flaper87 flavio@redhat.com

  8. Don’t look smart, be smart. ... and don’t believe everything

    you read on the internet
  9. None
  10. Summary (spoiler alert)

  11. Tl;dr of my growth as engineer

  12. Found internet

  13. Tons of shit happene d

  14. Luke is Darth Vader’s son

  15. Tons of shit happened

  16. Started coding a LOT

  17. Tons of shit happened

  18. Too many batmans

  19. Batman vs Superman

  20. Now I eat bananas

  21. Longer Version

  22. I owe a lot to the Internet

  23. Even my hate for it

  24. It’s not internet’s fault

  25. I’m self-taught *engineer* (not a snowflake, really)

  26. Self-taught *professional*

  27. Internet is a black-hole for time

  28. Time’s your most valuable currency

  29. Can’t have an impact if you don’t care enough

  30. Overwhelm can lead to demotivation

  31. Don’t work for the fame

  32. Dopamine feels good but, it can be dangerous

  33. Caring is more important than being cool

  34. Don’t sell spaghetti with italian meatball sauce

  35. I won’t fight hawaiian pizza

  36. Growth is a reward

  37. You own your growth

  38. Trying is free

  39. Find mentors

  40. Compete with yourself, collaborate with others

  41. Boredom may be a sign

  42. Things must feel right

  43. Having self-confidence is not the same as being arrogant

  44. You learn something from everything you do

  45. Honest self-evaluation is important

  46. Give emotional answers when needed

  47. Dedicate more time on meaningful relationships

  48. Your culture is an asset

  49. Don’t let your passion kill your motivation

  50. Do the best with the time you have

  51. Don’t over-commit

  52. Wrapping Up

  53. Time is your most valuable currency

  54. Don’t work for the fame

  55. You own your growth

  56. Find mentors

  57. Your culture is an asset

  58. Unplug

  59. Tech is not my life

  60. Thank you