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Fast-forward to today's Zaqar

Fast-forward to today's Zaqar


July 31, 2015

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  1. Fast-forward to today’s Zaqar

  2. None
  3. For attending Still here feel free to interrupt @flaper87 flavio@redhat.com

  4. Chill

  5. None
  6. None
  7. None
  8. Zaqar 4 the Cloud

  9. aqar 4 e Cloud [mission] To produce an OpenStack messaging

    service that affords a variety of distributed application patterns in an efficient, scalable and highly- available manner, and to create and maintain associated Python libraries and documentation. [...]
  10. 101. Multi-tenant messaging system with support for multiple backends and

    protocols. What else? - Notifications - Message delivery guaranteed* - Horizontally Scalable* * Most of these guarantees depend on the deployment. Consult your favorite OPs person for more information.
  11. That’s not what I thought it was

  12. 101. Wasn’t it a replacement for rabbitmq?

  13. 101. Wasn’t it a queue service?

  14. 101. Wasn’t it a replacement for imap?

  15. 101. Wasn’t it a mail service?

  16. Use Cases

  17. just message Zaqar Cue ? User User User User

  18. Inter Cloud Guest Guest Guest Service Ctrlr Service Ctrlr Service

    Ctrlr Metrics
  19. User facing Heat Nova Cinder User User User User

  20. Not just URLs Messages Mobile APN Email Webhook SMS

  21. Transports

  22. HTTP

  23. websocket

  24. Guarantees* * many of these guarantees depend on the storage

  25. Message Durability

  26. At least once

  27. Once and only Once delivery

  28. Horizontal Scaling


  30. FIFO (?)

  31. Problems?

  32. No demo break

  33. Questions ?