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Keeping up with the pace of a fast growing community without dying

October 06, 2016

Keeping up with the pace of a fast growing community without dying

New open source communities are born everyday. Some of them are meant to last long and some others aren't. There's a moment in every community where it needs to outgrow itself, expand its limits and aim way higher than ever. This is no necesarily related to its goals but the ecosystem it needs to stay alive.

Once a community has gone beyond its limits, the community members, consumers and leaders will have to keep up with its pace. How do we help it to remain sane? How do we keep our goals on track while allowing for further growth? How do we allow it to keep expanding without further damaging the community?

These are all questions we ask ourselves everyday in the OpenStack community and that we've managed to work on without killing ourselves on the way.


October 06, 2016

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  1. Good Morning

  2. Let’s talk for a moment

  3. What’s a system ?

  4. Means to empower humans to be amazing

  5. What’s a culture ?

  6. The way humans actually do things

  7. What’s flexibility ?

  8. The level of tolerance for variance in the system

  9. You must tolerate variance in your community, to empower humans,

    from any culture, to be amazing
  10. I’m Flavio...

  11. … or @flaper87

  12. Growing your community ... Without dying

  13. For attending Still here feel free to interrupt @flaper87 flavio@redhat.com

  14. None
  15. The community creates processes

  16. And processes are a way of governance

  17. Governance is necessary

  18. Growth is evident when governance exists

  19. So, get out of the way of the community

  20. Governance should follow the community

  21. For that you must know your community

  22. “Users” will eventually outnumber other members

  23. But you must listen to everyone

  24. Although you can’t make everyone happy

  25. We are customers of each other

  26. Keep it humble and objective

  27. To be objective, there must be clear expectations

  28. Being open is not enough, let the outcome be affected

  29. Let the community set the expectations

  30. Set the bar at a reasonable level everywhere

  31. Having expectations is having a contract

  32. Communicating expectations is the key

  33. It’s, sometimes, better to “over-communicate”

  34. Even if it won’t get rid of surprises

  35. So, acknowledge humans

  36. Strive for diversity

  37. Be aware of the culture-gap

  38. Be aware of the TZ-gap

  39. Different cultures bring different perspectives

  40. Emotions matter

  41. Assume good faith

  42. Tribal thinking ain’t good

  43. Many humans wear multiple hats

  44. Some roles require putting the community first

  45. Build a community of doers

  46. There will always be “ranters”

  47. Be part of the change

  48. Automate governance processes too

  49. Processes that can’t be automated are likely subjective

  50. Stats are not always a source of objectivism

  51. Stats indicate stats ain’t good

  52. Wrapping up

  53. Give humans a number and they’ll do the impossible to

    make it grow
  54. Community growth has to do with many things

  55. Processes will evolve as your community grows

  56. Technology is social before it’s technical - Gilles Deleuze

  57. Also, say thanks!

  58. So, THANK YOU!