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Streams in Gulp.js

Streams in Gulp.js

Slides from my presentation at ViennaJS meetup on 24 June 2015 on Streams in Gulp.js

You can also read an article based on this talk I have written: https://florian.ec/articles/gulp-js-streams/


Florian Eckerstorfer

June 24, 2015


  1. Streams in Gulp.js FLORIAN ECKERSTORFER https://florian.ec

  2. Build System

  3. Task Runner

  4. GNU Make Ant Phing Rake Grunt

  5. Gulp is different

  6. Code instead of Configuration Node.js Streams

  7. Node.js Streams

  8. CoffeeScript Files Compile to JavaScript Concatenate Minify Copy to dist/

  9. Traditional Task Runner

  10. Read src/*.coffee ➞ Compile ➞ Save tmp/*.js Read tmp/*.js ➞

    Concatenate ➞ Save tmp/all.js Read tmp/all.js ➞ Minify ➞ tmp/all.min.js Copy tmp/all.min.js to dist/all.min.js
  11. Gulp.js

  12. Start reading src/*.coffee Pipe through CoffeScript compiler Pipe through Concat

    Pipe through Minify Save as dist/all.min.js
  13. gulp.task('default', function () { gulp.src('src/*.coffee') .pipe(coffee()) .pipe(concat('all.min.js')) .pipe(uglify()) .pipe(gulp.dest('dist')); });

  14. Gulp has like 4 public methods (Are these programmers lazy

    or what?)
  15. But it uses a lot of libraries And we will

  16. Orchestrator Vinyl

  17. Vinyl A virtual file format

  18. Object that encapsulates the filesystem gulp.src() wrapper for vinyl.src() Also

  19. CODE!

  20. var through = require('through2'); module.exports = function (name) { function

    log (file, enc, cb) { console.log(name, ":", file.path); cb(null, file); } return through.obj(log); };
  21. gulp.task('default', function () { gulp.src('src/*.coffee') .pipe(log("coffee")) .pipe(coffee()) .pipe(log("concat")) .pipe(concat('all.min.js')) .pipe(log("uglify"))

    .pipe(uglify()) .pipe(log("dest")) .pipe(gulp.dest('dist')); });
  22. None
  23. github.com/substack/stream-handbook medium.com/@contrahacks/gulp-3828e8126466 speakerdeck.com/florianeckerstorfer

  24. Questions?