EKS Workshop with Envoy / Istio and AWS App Mesh

EKS Workshop with Envoy / Istio and AWS App Mesh

In this Kubernetes introductory workshop, you will learn about the features of Amazon's managed Kubernetes EKS. Background in EKS, Kubernetes, Docker, and container workflows are not required, but recommended.
We will spend 2 hours hands-on exploring Kubernetes, EKS and open-source tools. Please bring your own laptop and sign up for a free trial account at https://aws.amazon.com/free/.
In the workshop we will create an EKS cluster with eksctl, deploy the Kubernetes dashboard and a microservices based application. Then we will look into Helm to install a more complex application.
In the last part of the workshop we will dive deeper into service meshes, install Istio with Envoy to apply cross cutting concerns to a polyglot application. To conclude, I will present a summary with a 5-minute outlook into the AWS App Mesh.

see: https://github.com/fmunz/eksIstioWorkshop


Frank Munz

March 20, 2019