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Storm: the Hadoop of Realtime Stream Processing

Storm: the Hadoop of Realtime Stream Processing

Twitter's new scalable, fault-tolerant, and simple(ish) stream programming system... with Python!

Gabriel Grant

March 25, 2012

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  1. JOY

  2. WOW

  3. I'VE GOT YOU COVERED class LogParserBolt(AutoAckBolt): class Default(Stream): fields =

    'ip_address' def execute(self, input): ip_address = parse_log(input.message) self.emit(ip_address)
  4. I'VE GOT YOU COVERED class GeolocatorBolt(AutoAckBolt): class Default(Stream): fields =

    'lat', 'long' def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): self.geoip = pygeoip.GeoIP('GeoLiteCity.dat') super(GeolocatorBolt, self) \ .__init__(*args, **kwargs) def execute(self, input): record = self.geoip.record_by_addr(input.ip) lat = record['latitude'] long_ = record['longitude'] self.emit((lat, long_))
  5. I'VE GOT YOU COVERED class WSPuserBolt(Bolt): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):

    self.batcher = TimeBatcher() self.pusher = zerorpc.Client(timeout=None) url = os.environ['WSPUSHER_ZERORPC_URL'] self.wspusher.connect(url) super(WSPusherBolt, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs def execute(self, input): t = time() batch = self.pop_batch(t) if batch: self.wspusher.push_list(batch) data = input.lat, input.long self.batcher.push_item(t, data)
  6. I'VE GOT YOU COVERED class GeocoderTopology(Topology): # components redis =

    RedisSpout(1) parser = LogParserBolt(3) geolocator = GeolocatorBolt(2) pusher = WSPuserBolt(4) # plumbing parser.inputs.append(ShuffleGrouping(redis)) geolocator.inputs.append(ShuffleGrouping(parser)) pusher.inputs.append( FieldsGrouping(geolocator, 'lat', 'long'))
  7. HOW