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Your first PR: contributing to open-source software

Your first PR: contributing to open-source software

Lightning talk given to NomadPHP EU May 2016.

Gareth Ellis

May 19, 2016

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  1. Your  first  PR:  contribu0ng  to  open-­‐source  projects   Gareth  Ellis

     (@garethellis)   Developer,  Language  Services,  ICON  plc   For  NomadPHP,  May  2016  
  2. Who  am  I?   •  Developer,  Language  Services  group,  

    ICON  plc   •  Professional  developer  since  2013   •  Co-­‐founder/organizer  PHPOxford   •  Occasional  contributor  to  open-­‐ source  projects  
  3. Iden0fy  a  project   What  do  you  use  regularly  that

     could  benefit  from  some   improvements?  
  4. Types  of  contribu0on   Submit  an  issue  on  Github  

      Answer  a  ques0on  on  StackOverflow     Documenta0on     Blog  post     Code!  
  5. Contribu0ng  to  source  code   The  project  may  have  already

     iden0fied  a  gap  –  can  you  help?  
  6. Before  you  begin!   Consider  discussing  what  you  want  to

     change  with  the  project   maintainers.  
  7. The  process!   1.  Fork   2.  Clone   3. 

    Branch   4.  Change   5.  Commit   6.  Push   7.  Submit  Pull  Request   8.  Review  
  8. Commit  and  push   $  git  add  src/Folder/AnotherFolder/ChangedFile.php   $

     git  commit  –m  “Here’s  a  descrip0on  of  this  awesome  new  feature”   $  git  push  –u  origin  my-­‐awesome-­‐new-­‐feature  
  9. Review   Discuss  your  PR  with  the  project  maintainers  

    Make  changes  if  necessary   To  add  changes  to  your  PR,  simply  change,  commit  &  push  
  10. Further  reading:     Find  projects  to  contribute  to:  

      h]ps://yourfirstpr.github.io/     h]p://issuehub.io/   h]p://up-­‐for-­‐grabs.net/     Joind.in:  h]ps://joind.in/about       h]ps://akrabat.com/the-­‐beginners-­‐guide-­‐to-­‐contribu0ng-­‐to-­‐a-­‐github-­‐project/   (Rob  Allen)     h]p://www.lornajane.net/posts/2015/code-­‐reviews-­‐before-­‐you-­‐even-­‐run-­‐the-­‐code   (Lorna  Mitchell)