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pigmento, master thesis at Venice IUAV University

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April 07, 2011

pigmento, master thesis at Venice IUAV University

this is the work done by Giuseppe Burdo with the help of few friends including Daniele Muscella, Francesco Saccone, Luca Mancini.

Most videos are freely visible on https://vimeo.com/maisongb/videos

the full thesis is freely readable here (italian only)

and an interactive presentation with videos is available by request.
This work has been further developed and featured in several exhibitions around Italy.
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April 07, 2011

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  1. pigmento

  2. cos’è pigmento is a learning experience which allow kids to

    play and to understand on the subtractive synthesis color
  3. research

  4. educational innovations the Munari approach kids like to make things

    in a free way so they learn and practice on tecniques and materials Munari was one of the first educator who use to have a “studio” for kids 1950
  5. The canadian programme “learning through di arts” aims to teach

    any subject basics through a free approach. There are already great results. - - educatioal innovations learning through the Arts 1950 1990
  6. the colour topic one of the first educational experiences is

    about the colour. primary school Museo Sturm, Bassano Del Grappa
  7. educational opportunities often the approach is just aesthetical basedand the

    question “why does it work in this way” is not always answered
  8. interdisciplinarity color let people recognize what’s going on

  9. interdisciplinarity the color naming is often hard that’s way there

    are several scales
  10. at school sometimes there is a need to know the

    result through the process Today there isn’t a software which allow people to simulate - the combination of colors based on quantities, but just qualities
  11. learning as experience if the screen let people know more

    details, the physical interface can give a stronger feeling the interdisciplinarity of colors deserves a free approach
  12. the result whitin the process the making can be a

    way to learn “learning by doing” the aim is to find a feeling among the rainassance crafting and a pleasent learning, potentially simolous for a further study - -
  13. design

  14. the interface granes let kids free to play and discover.

    This suits perfectly for pigments -
  15. the material pigments once mixed, they can’t be splitted again

    - - color is a psicofisic quality. This truth - let then choose to videoproject over the salt
  16. why the salt salt and pigments share the same mineral

    origin, a variable morphology and both had a very important role in the past Also, it is not dangerous if eaten
  17. None
  18. π / 2 1π / 10 9 π / 10

    13 π / 10 17 π / 10 ∆c < r MIX color filling salt detection light color projection
  19. every material has its own cromatic based on the surface,

    place, observer, etc. - color design
  20. color design the new is to get the subtractive synthesis

    through the light, which is usually used for the additive one - this leads to design the gamut also based on the “salt ” material
  21. color design filling color techniques can be: uniform real synthesis

    not uniform apparent synthesis
  22. prototyping

  23. prototyping has often given the chance to redesign the interactive

    table and the overall experience
  24. the skeleton modular and easy to build with some solution

    in order to use a common videoprojector
  25. programming Arduino for leds setting Processing for the elaboration OpenCV

    libriry for the vision elaboration
  26. user testing

  27. Clara, 7 yrs wihout any previous color study Isotta, 9

    yrs Marina, 9 yrs elementary knowledge user testing
  28. while at the borders there are the primary colors, over

    the centre it is possible to get the derivate color
  29. the possible behaviours can be many thanks to the granular

    material and kids have shown a playful feedback and learning
  30. the granularity makes kids free to express personal stories and

    something about their personality
  31. interest in the scientific context (public conference and pubblication) exhibit

    in the next Science Festival in Genova, Italy great feeling among the users Results
  32. thanks