Online Compiler Prototype

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August 16, 2012

Online Compiler Prototype



August 16, 2012


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    REGISTER NEW USER 1. Form validation is done at the

    Client side itself. 2. On clicking Create Account! register.php script is called. 3. User details are then added to the user’s database and new user is created. 4. User is then redirected to Log In page.
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    Register form Register.php Users _DB Form validatio n Checks for

    blank fields, mismatched password entry, password criteria matched, email- id syntax. Add new user to DB Form validated, now execute php script. Validate form fields Validation Error REGISTRATION PROCESS
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    LOG IN PAGE 1.  User provides login details. 2.  Form

    validation is done at client side to check all fields are filled. 3.  Sign In will invoke authenticate.php 4.  If correct details provided -user is taken to home page and a session for that user is created.
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    Sign In form authenticate.php Users _DB Form validatio n Checks

    for blank fields, password criteria matched. Query for user in DB Form validated, now execute php script. Validate form fields Validation Error SIGN IN PROCESS Query response from DB Home page If User exist In DB? Yes No Show message “username invalid” Or “password not matched”
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    1. User can tick input box to provide input to

    the executable of the coded program. 2. User can also pass command line arguments to the program under execution.
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    HOME PAGE – BEHAVIOR DESIGN Code Editor Area Input Area

    Choose language Run code User writes code here. User provide inputs here. Hit this button to execute code. Executes a PHP script Command line arguments User pass command line arguments here.
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    OTHER FEATURES ¢  Save —  Allows registered user to save

    his/her code in its dedicated directory. ¢  View —  Allows registered user to view any of his/her previous saved code files. ¢  Edit —  Allows guest user to edit current code file many number of times. —  Allows registered user to edit any previous code files any number of times. ¢  Manage work space —  It enables registered user to keep track of his/her work space (its directory). —  It can include - deleting previous files, making new sub directories etc.
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    ¢  Public —  Users can select this option to make

    their code visible to all the users of the application website. ¢  Sample codes —  Users will get code sample of all the supported languages to help them understand the How to use the Interface. —  After a language is selected, sample link will be visible to the user(Gen.) and on clicking sample a sample code will be placed into the code editor area. —  User can now execute that sample program to see the result. OTHER FEATURES …
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    COMPILATION/EXECUTION Language(c,c+ +,java, python) Language =“java” YES Execute shell script

    to get java main class name NO Save file with chosen language extension(.c, .cpp, . py) testFile.ex t language Main class name Save file named as (main class name).java (main class name).java Source file (testFile) Call makefile Language
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    COMPILATION/EXECUTION (CNTD…) Code filename language Command line arguments Input arguments

    MakeFile filename c Cmd_line args Input.txt lang lang java C++ python Compile and execute