Introducing Wraith-Donk

Introducing Wraith-Donk

Responsive Screenshot Comparison made easy with Wraith-Donk!


Gideon Goldberg

May 01, 2014


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    • Wraith uses either PhantomJS or SlimerJS to create screen-shots

    of different environments and then creates a diff of the two images using ImageMagick, the affected areas are highlighted in blue What is wraith?
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    But, why?!? • Attempt to solve an industry-wide problem •

    Enables us to deploy visual changes with confidence across multiple break-points • Wraith is command-line only, requires babysitting • Our in house build tools require deployables to be packaged as a Ruby Gem and accessible by a URL
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    Credits • Márton (meza) Mészáros and Rex Cooper @ The

    Guardian …and the folks at BBC Responsive News… we literally couldn’t have done it without you!