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The Israeli Cottage Cheese Protests of 2011

The Israeli Cottage Cheese Protests of 2011

Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Daphni Leef!


Gideon Goldberg

April 17, 2014


  1. The Israeli Cottage Cheese Protests of 2011 Or: How I

    learnt to stop worrying and ♥ Daphni Leef
  2. It started with this: And this:

  3. How did this happen? was sold to who asked how

    to increase profits
  4. Cottage Cheese is not just any food

  5. Meanwhile... Daphni was working 14 hours a day on a

    reality TV show ironically named “Your house is worth more.” In realising that even a person like herself, from a 'good' family with an honest job could not afford to live in Gush Dan where rents had risen by 49% in the past 5 years (42% of Israelis live in the Gush Dan region), she started a Facebook group inviting anyone else in the same situation to join her in a tent on Habima- Square Source: http://ittay.blogspot.co.uk
  6. And so she... Bought one of these: And put it

  7. And soon others followed her

  8. But it wasn’t just about this: It was also about...

    Source: WSJ
  9. The largest ever protest in Israel

  10. And headline writers had fun

  11. And they won!

  12. Well, OK, they kinda’ won Gideon fills this space talking

    for 15 seconds about the cost of living in Israel
  13. And I found about this, how? Because sent to

  14. Limm-u-’scuse me?

  15. Also...

  16. And she didn’t just talk about

  17. I’m not the only one with the ♥

  18. Yeah, but what’s the legacy?

  19. Takeaways Next time you see: Think of:

  20. Takeaways Next time you celebrate: Think of me at: