The Israeli Cottage Cheese Protests of 2011

The Israeli Cottage Cheese Protests of 2011

Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Daphni Leef!


Gideon Goldberg

April 17, 2014


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    The Israeli Cottage Cheese Protests of 2011 Or: How I

    learnt to stop worrying and ♥ Daphni Leef
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    Meanwhile... Daphni was working 14 hours a day on a

    reality TV show ironically named “Your house is worth more.” In realising that even a person like herself, from a 'good' family with an honest job could not afford to live in Gush Dan where rents had risen by 49% in the past 5 years (42% of Israelis live in the Gush Dan region), she started a Facebook group inviting anyone else in the same situation to join her in a tent on Habima- Square Source:
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    Well, OK, they kinda’ won Gideon fills this space talking

    for 15 seconds about the cost of living in Israel
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