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The Serverless Panacea… Or Not?

The Serverless Panacea… Or Not?

The term “serverless” has become a trendy buzzword: if you don’t have the checkbox ticked, you’re not cool anymore. Really?

Spoiler alert: There may be servers involved in serverless solutions. It’s not just about function-as-a-service. And it’s actually more complicated than it may seem!

But first, let’s come back to the basics: what is serverless exactly, where does it come from, what are its characteristics? Then, beyond the definition, we’ll discuss the challenges, and the risks associated with serverless architectures. Eventually, going further, we’ll think about where serverless is heading in the near future.

Guillaume Laforge

November 16, 2020

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  1. Serverless: Panacea, Or Not? Guillaume Laforge Google Cloud Developer Advocate

  2. The Serverless magic potion

  3. A bit of history 0

  4. Servers

  5. The Cloud

  6. A serverless datacenter

  7. PaaS

  8. BaaS

  9. λ FaaS

  10. CaaS

  11. But what is “Serveless”? 1

  12. None
  13. None
  14. Fully managed Automatic scaling Pay as you go Service based

    Event driven Stateless OPERATIONAL PROGRAMMING
  15. Fully managed Automatic scaling

  16. Automatic scaling Pay as you go

  17. Service based

  18. Event driven

  19. Stateless

  20. Compute Data Analytics ML & AI Database & Storage Smart

    assistants & chat DevOps Messaging Serverless, not only compute
  21. Serverless, oh the... challenges 2

  22. Batteries included

  23. Lock-in

  24. Cold start

  25. Hacks or... provisioned capacity

  26. Cost controls

  27. Spaghetti microservices

  28. What the future holds for Severless? 3

  29. Open Source, Open Standards

  30. Containerized workloads

  31. More glue!

  32. Serverless on the edge

  33. ML driven serverless platforms

  34. ML operated datacenters

  35. @glaforge