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What I learned from contributing to open source

Bd84aa627ba49496cb03ed838a1e914e?s=47 Vishnu Ks
January 24, 2017

What I learned from contributing to open source


Vishnu Ks

January 24, 2017


  1. @hackerkid Vishnu Ks W-I-L-F-C-T-O-S GeekHaven Quick Talks Powered with ❤

    by GitHub
  2. @hackerkid Zulip GitHub Campus Experts

  3. @hackerkid Phase #1

  4. @hackerkid #Try To Commit Every Day

  5. @hackerkid My GitHub In 2014

  6. @hackerkid My GitHub In 2015

  7. @hackerkid Put all your code On GitHub

  8. @hackerkid Put all your code on github • Topcoder/Codeforces problems

    you solved • Semester projects • Personal projects • List of books you read • dotfiles • research paper
  9. @hackerkid Work On A Side Project

  10. @hackerkid Phase 2

  11. @hackerkid

  12. @hackerkid If you are thinking about contributing, you are good

    enough. Challenge yourself and fight your impostor syndrome
  13. @hackerkid

  14. @hackerkid

  15. @hackerkid

  16. @hackerkid

  17. @hackerkid Most projects have specific label for issues that are

    suited for beginners. Zulip has bit-size issues.
  18. @hackerkid • • • • • • • • Issues to Get Started for Beginners
  19. @hackerkid Setting Up The Development Environment Is The Hard Part

    Most of The Time
  20. @hackerkid • Choose An Issue and Spend One or Two

    Day on It. • Don’t give up. • Life is much simpler after you solve complete first issue.
  21. @hackerkid

  22. @hackerkid One does not try to read the entire code

  23. @hackerkid The number of lines in Zulip is 4,85,395

  24. @hackerkid grep -rnw “key word” .

  25. @hackerkid Don’t know what a line of code does? >

    git log -S “line of code”
  26. @hackerkid Learn from Git History of a File

  27. @hackerkid

  28. @hackerkid

  29. @hackerkid

  30. @hackerkid Brandon Keepers, GitHub

  31. @hackerkid

  32. @hackerkid Open Source is the ultimate referral Chris Dibona, Google

  33. @hackerkid

  34. @hackerkid

  35. @hackerkid So, which project are you going to contribute to?

  36. @hackerkid Special Thanks To @bkeepers and @joenash GitHub

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