Robert Lee

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January 15, 2013

Robert Lee

Email Stress


Robert Lee

January 15, 2013


  1. Copyright © 2013 Robert H. Lee POV Aaron, an independent

    computer programmer needs a way to improve his SPAM filter or find another process for dealing with SPAM because sometimes important emails go to his SPAM folder, and he doesn't check that folder regularly
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    –  Product manager at social media finance company –  We hardly use email (Outlook) at work. I send and receive fewer than 10 a day. –  We use Skype ubiquitously –  Uses gmail for personal mail •  Aaron C –  Independent computer programmer –  I push all my email (work and personal) to the same gmail account –  Look at my folders, in order of priority (and top to bottom on the screen) •  Important & unread, Starred, Other •  Catherine V –  Administrator at Stanford –  Email represents work for me. Seeing my inbox causes anxiety
  3. Copyright © 2013 Robert H. Lee STRESS MODEL •  (1)

    Aaron sets up gmail with his three inboxes –  Important & Unread, Starred, Other •  (2) Checks email several times a day –  For the first box, he sometimes reads anemail and remarks it as unread, which wastes time –  Sometimes he will star it, moving it down to the next inbox –  But he prefers to deal with and archive it, thus completing the task •  (3) Checks Sent mail on occasion when he wants to verify he sent something •  (4) Checks SPAM and DRAFTS infrequently –  A poor, irregular process to catch oversights and errors –  STRESSOR – might be missing something important, but no process for it