iOS 9 with Titanium Mobile 5.x

iOS 9 with Titanium Mobile 5.x

Showing how Titanium Mobile will adopt iOS9 features in the upcoming feature releases 5.0 & 5.1.

The Presentation was hold at the Ti.Meetup in Hamburg on the 19th of August 2015.


Hans Knoechel

August 20, 2015


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    About Me Hans  Knöchel 23  years old Studying Software  Engineering

      (Osnabrück) Titanium developer since 2011 25+  Apps  built usingTitanium Mobile SDK-­‐Developer  at  Appcelerator  since July Internship in  the HQ  from 09/15  till 12/15
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    Agenda Status  Quo Titanium SDK  4.1.X Road-­‐Map Titanium SDK  5.X

    iOS  9  &  WatchKit Titanium 5.0  API‘s Platform Demo
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    Status  Quo:  Titanium SDK  4.1.X 4.1.0:  Released on  July 09

     2015 Vector overlays in  Maps ListView updates (e.g.  multiple  markers,  ability to use own swipe actions,  ...) Android:  PATCH  requests in  the HTTPClient Lots  of other features and improvements! Weiterführende  Links: Sample  app by Fokke  J­‐developer-­‐ relations/appc-­‐sample-­‐ti410 Release  notes:­‐ notes/?version=4.1.0.GA
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    Road  Map:  Titanium SDK  5.X Titanium SDK  5.0 Release:  September

    Beta:  Date  of the iOS9  Golden  Master  release Final:  Date  of the iOS9  publicrelease (~  September  16   2015) Titanium SDK  5.1 Release:  October Release-­‐ and feature-­‐focus  on  Android  M
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    iOS9  &  WatchKit:  Titanium 5.x  API‘s iOS9-­‐ andXcode 7-­‐support WatchKit-­‐and

     watchOS2-­‐support Full  WatchConnectivity support App-­‐Thinning Optimized  app  icons  &  launch  Images  per  device Refactoring Replacing  “Address  Book  Framework”  with  ”Contacts  Framework” Replacing  “MPMoviePlayer-­‐Framework”   with  “AVVideoController Framework” Background  geolocation  support Transport  security Privacy-­‐ and  security-­‐improvements Multitasking  on  the  iPad Picture  in  Picture  API SlideOver-­‐ and  SplitView-­‐API
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    iOS9  &  WatchKit:  Titanium 5.x  API‘s Search  API Core  Spotlight

     API User  Activity  API Hand  Off  API Web  Markup  API Custom  annotations  in  MapKit Safari  View  Controller Interactive  webseites using  native  Safari  controls  (InApp) UIStackView Own  UI  element  for  Layout  streams  (vertical  &  horizontal) New  Titanium  modules HealthKit HomeKit CloudKit
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