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PancakesCon: Cybersecurity Interviews and Magic

PancakesCon: Cybersecurity Interviews and Magic



March 22, 2020


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  2. Whoami Interview Preparation Interview types Knowledge needed Resources Final thoughts

    hela-lucas.com @hela_luc
  3. hela-lucas.com @hela_luc

  4. hela-lucas.com @hela_luc

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  7. hela-lucas.com @hela_luc

  8. hela-lucas.com @hela_luc

  9. - Detections for malicious activity (host & network) - *New*

    attacker techniques - Writing Yara signatures/Suricata rules - Coding - Community contribution (ENUSEC counts!) - Malware & PCAP analysis, Intrusion Detection, Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics Additional q’s: - What is this company’s threat profile - What is this company’s tech stack - Why do you want to work for this company - Why does this company want you to work for them hela-lucas.com @hela_luc
  10. Job specific Tools Attacks/Defences/Detections Networking Operating systems Low level 1s

    & 0s
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  14. Find a trusted peer/mentor and ask them what to expect

    Please talk about your salaries* & put them online – it benefits all of us to know what we earn It is illegal** for a company to tell you that a salary is confidential I encourage negotiating – it’s good to have leverage though *especially with female colleagues **in the UK - Equality Act of 2010, employees have the right to discuss salary for the purposes of collective bargaining or protection
  15. Question Bank 7 day preparation planner Non technical question bank

    LTR 101 by Andy Gill What happens when hela-lucas.com/links/
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  18. Demo Resources Learning Final thoughts (if time) More tricks! hela-lucas.com

  19. Buy from a small/local magic shop pls  hela-lucas.com/links @hela_luc

  20. hela-lucas.com/links @hela_luc

  21. Buy from a small/local magic shop pls hela-lucas.com/links @hela_luc

  22. hela-lucas.com @hela_luc

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