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Jen Mak - On searching for purpose

Hey! Presents
January 30, 2018

Jen Mak - On searching for purpose

Presented at Hey! #28 on 21st November, 2017.

Hey! Presents

January 30, 2018


  1. On Searching For Purpose Jen Mak A Space For Time

    Management Coach
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  3. Tip 1 Don’t mistake your hobbies for work.

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  5. Tip 2 Be humble. There is always something to be

    learnt from any experience.
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  7. Tip 3 Test your interests and your skills right now.

    Even just a small test.
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  9. Tip 4 Learn to be uncomfortable. Build your ability to

    endure, to persevere.
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  11. Tip 5 Audit what you already know.

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  13. Tip 6 Grow in stages. You don’t have to know

    everything, nor do everything, and not all in one go.
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  15. Tip 7 Check that what you’re doing is actually returning

    what you want.
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  17. Tip 8 Say Yes!, then learn how.

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  19. Tip 9 Find a process for recycling the crap that

    will inevitability come your way. Pain is art and happy gets boring.
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  21. Tip 10 Celebrate the small wins.

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  23. Tip 11 Keep D.A.R.ing Decide Act Repeat

  24. Jen Mak
 “Stop Faffing, Start Doing” and 

    “Keep Daring” books on Amazon