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Emily Cressey - Developers of habit

Emily Cressey - Developers of habit

Presented at Hey! #26 on 26th January, 2017.

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January 26, 2017

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  1. Developers of Habit Emily Cressey @emilyvc_

  2. @emilyvc_ Habit Process

  3. @emilyvc_ Habituate

  4. @emilyvc_

  5. Staying beginners @emilyvc_

  6. @emilyvc_

  7. @emilyvc_ A bad habit is a negative behaviour pattern

  8. @emilyvc_ A good habit is beneficial to one’s physical or

    mental health
  9. @emilyvc_ Seeking approval at the wrong time BAD HABIT #1

  10. @emilyvc_ Trust your own opinion and knowledge GOOD HABIT #1

  11. @emilyvc_ Using existing projects as a base to start from

    BAD HABIT #2
  12. @emilyvc_

  13. @emilyvc_ Over-thinking- blank-page-anxiety BAD HABIT #3

  14. @emilyvc_ So how do I be creative on demand?

  15. @emilyvc_ Bring it back to the users and their needs

  16. @emilyvc_ Use word associations GOOD HABIT #3

  17. @emilyvc_ GOOD HABIT #4 Start thinking like a child

  18. @emilyvc_ GOOD HABIT #5 Practise divergent thinking

  19. Bust out of your comfort zone! @emilyvc_

  20. Stay inspired! @emilyvc_

  21. @emilyvc_ Keep creating!