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Stefan McCready - It all started with an anchor tag

Stefan McCready - It all started with an anchor tag

Presented at Hey! #26 on 26th January, 2017.

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January 26, 2017

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  1. It all started with an anchor tag Stefan McCready

  2. School, College and Perceptions Popular Opinion + Push towards Academia

    = A lot of unpleasant noise
  3. Finding Work

  4. Experience over potential Interviewer: Have you got industry experience? Me:

    No but here is a portfolio of work Interviewer: Goodbye.
  5. Taking a different approach “Get that experience by any means

  6. Getting a 
 foot in door

  7. Adapting to new things

  8. ”Adapting to the tech stack without it being overwhelming”

    Front End Developer - 2017
  9. “Its like learning piano but every so often the notes

    move around”
 Stefan - 2017
  10. Confidence

  11. When its high… You feel better, you work better, you

    are just more comfortable with yourself
  12. When it is low… You don’t feel like you…

  13. Improving confidence Self love is the patch to good self

  14. Imposters Syndrome Its Shit. End Of.

  15. Having to overcome it… Its important to overcome it, otherwise

    you stall your progression
  16. Saying No

  17. How I ended up after saying yes to literally everything

  18. Why you have to say no By saying no you

    keep your priorities first and you can work at a sustainable level
  19. After all is said and done…. I love work, I’ve

    met great people, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve joined a community that is by far the best community in the world
  20. Thank you Any Questions