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Hack your democracy

Hack your democracy

A quick 5min talk at the London Hack&&Tell meetup.



October 09, 2018


  1. 1 Hack Your Democracy London Hack && Tell - 9th

    October 2018
  2. 2 Hack Your Democracy - unmasked! London Hack && Tell

    - 9th October 2018
  3. Hi I’m Huss Co-founder & CTO @ 9fin 9fin.com @9finHQ

  4. 4 Data is sort of exploding…. If you hadn't noticed

  5. 5 We have to be smarter about getting the right

    info at any time Very wrong spelling...but Google got what I wanted
  6. 6 Governments are also “going digital” https://publicadministration.un.org/egovkb/en-us/Reports/UN-E-Government-Survey-2018

  7. 7 But it’s an unfair game • Corporations whose business

    it is to drive your consumption online pour BILLIONS into R&D to harness and focus this deluge of information • Government Services can only do the bare minimum 2017 R&D spend (definitely not to scale!) $300m *since 2012 https://www.recode.net/2018/4/9/17204004/amazon-research-development-rd £3.2bn* $22.6bn $16.6bn $12.3bn $11.6bn $7.8bn
  8. 8 Brexit means …. something ? The largest political/social/economic event

    this decade in UK/Europe • However you feel - we can all agree it’s hard to know what is going to happen, may happen or will not happen • To defend against intentional misinformation • To cut through the noise and get to key information for you <<Insert that famous misquote about the importance of an “informed democracy” here>>
  9. 9 thebrexitpapers.com

  10. 10 thebrexitpapers.com - Why? Someone who knows an unusual amount

    about documents (see previous talk “Breaking Bad PDFs”) Free time - i.e. between 9pm-2am (xkcd:1319) How hard can it be? Skills + Time + Delusion
  11. 11 thebrexitpapers.com - When? Git commit activity - start to

  12. 12 thebrexitpapers.com - How?

  13. 13 thebrexitpapers.com - Next? • Keep documents updated • Add

    the auto-upload feature • Link to twitter bot @papersbrexit In conclusion, the modern world has advanced so fast in such a short space of time, that public institutions and bodies are struggling to keep up. We all have skills that are for the 21st century, that would be welcomed with open arms in the public sector. What can we do to help, big or small?