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Monika a Synthetic Monitoring

Monika a Synthetic Monitoring

Introduction on opensource monitoring solution called Monika initiated by Hyperjump team. Using Monika, developer, tester and devops can collaborate together to do web-server API testing, regression and monitoring, ensuring quality get maintained end-to-end.



May 07, 2021


  1. MONIKA “Opensource WebApp Testing & Monitoring” https://github.com/hyperjumptech/monika https://hyperjumptech.github.io/monika/overview

  2. Why Another Monitoring Tool?

  3. We spots a great need which not yet addressed. IF

    ... • You only use OpenSource solution. • You may want to monitor your WEBAPP from within your own infrastructure. • Not only monitor the server health, you also want to check the workflow. • You don’t want to bother installing and maintaining a monitoring agent. • You want the Developer, QA and DEVOPS to use the same tool, both for testing and monitoring. THEN ...
  4. None of these Fits the Criteria

  5. Look how Monika fits in.. • OpenSource Monika is under

    intensive development by Hyperjump team with contributors from around the globe. Every body can see the code, see how it work and contribute which leads to quality constantly improved and bugs keeps get fixed. All comes for FREE. • Synthetic Monitoring Monika not only monitor your API/Web server for their health and performance, but it can further monitor the workflow and process. Monika synthesize requests to perform a business work-flow. No log file analysis and no agent. • Streamline Test from Developer to QA to DevOps Developer can create API validation using Monika, QA can validate it in a regression, DevOps can use the same script to monitor how it perform in production.
  6. Target API Server Synthetic Monitoring • Synthetic Monitoring make sure

    if a workflow in your system works as expected Login Dashboard Shop Checkout Logout MONIKA POST GET POST GET POST
  7. Dev-QA-DevOps Collaboration Developer Writes Monika configuration to test API they

    make QA Validate the staging using Monika configuration in a regression. DevOps Regularly execute Monika configuration in Symon server to ensure things working all the time. Monika.json Monika-1.json Monika-2.json Monika-3.json Monika-1.json Monika-2.json Monika-3.json
  8. Multiple Site Probing Monitor your server hosted any where in

    the world from any where, ensuring your regional user base get the best accessibility and experience
  9. Get Notified MONIKA can send notification about your server/process status

    through various channel you prefer MONIKA
  10. Integrate with existing monitoring Dashboard MONIKA SYMON SNMP Monitors

  11. 3 Probe Roadmap MONIKA HTTP and HTTPS call check (ready)

    SSL Certificate expiry check (near future) ICMP or Ping check (future) TCP or socket check (future) Web App flow check using headless browser (future) 1 2 4 5
  12. Sleep well, knowing that your server is in good shape,

    your workflow is working and your user is happy.
  13. https://github.com/hyperjumptech/monika https://hyperjumptech.github.io/monika/overview