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citing data using JATS

citing data using JATS

how to map data citation to JATS tags.

Ian Mulvany

June 20, 2014

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  1. Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? in reference

    list: publication-type="other" Tagged as Journal http://europepmc.org/articles/ PMC3646594 publication-type="thesis" http://europepmc.org/articles/ PMC3722494 publication-type="webpage" http://europepmc.org/articles/ PMC3626513 publication-type="journal" http://europepmc.org/articles/ PMC3661987 Placenta Gigascience Frontiers in Physiology Optical Express with thanks to @jomacyntyre F1000 publication-type="book"
  2. Identify the key fields Map them to JATS Propose sensible

    additions to JATS where needed Set out JATS usage that make data links machine readable
  3. name Publication/Release Date /Year Title/Name of the Dataset Version/Edition Resource

    Type Persistent Global Identifier/ Locator (DOI/URL) Publisher/Distributor/ Repository/ Data Center /Archive Location of publisher/distributor Access Date(s) and Time Additional URI/Location /bridge service Secondary distributor/ other Institutional Role
  4. <version>! <data>! <data-format>! <institution-wrap>! ! ! ! ext-link extended to

    take: @issuing-agency=“pdb”! pub-id extended to take: @xlink! name extended to take: @id (of some kind)! !
  5. Questions Are there any serious objections to adopting specific-use=“data” and

    publication-type=“data” Is it possible to identify when to use these tags within a typesetting workflow? Would this group make use of the proposed additions, in time? Do we need to provide more machinery later to support more extensible data citation?
  6. Conclusions Most of the use cases for data citation can

    be implemented today JATS documentation can be updated very soon to reflect these cases Proposed additions could be trialled with reasonable ease The power to solve this issue lies with us - let’s do it!
  7. Actions Sign off on the proposed mapping Sign off on

    the proposed additions Generate best practice examples Publish documentation on JATS docs Implement in our editorial processes Relax with the warm glow of a job well done get sign off on the data spreadsheet of ALL THE THINGS Submit proposals to the NISO site