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Futurepub Jan 2015 Lens

Fccb9ef81d69152b6096ec047428ac2e?s=47 Ian Mulvany
January 27, 2015

Futurepub Jan 2015 Lens


Ian Mulvany

January 27, 2015


  1. Ian Mulvany - head of technology @IanMulvany @eLife i.mulvany@elifesciences.org What’s

    next for Lens?
  2. A bit about eLife

  3. • Founded 2012 • OA journal in the life sciences

    • Aim to Innovate • Collaborative Peer Review • Research Advances • Reproducibility Project • eLife Lens
  4. Why did we build Lens?

  5. Articles online are designed with print constraints HTML can do

    things print can’t
  6. None
  7. How did we build Lens?

  8. Ivan Grubisic Michael Aufreiter Graham Nott Oliver Buchtala

  9. None
  10. None
  11. Demo - Lens http://elifesciences.org/content/3/e05352

  12. What does it do now?

  13. Demo - Lens Next bit.ly/lens-next-example bit.ly/lens-alm-dist

  14. How can you deploy it?

  15. 1 - Call the Javascript 2 - Point it at

    your XML file
  16. Finally, why is it called Lens?

  17. Altreader Anableps Glance Kaleidoscope Lens Mix Obake Panorama Panoreader PaperView

    Parallax Quarto Reader Savvy Scope Sense Spectare Telescope Vision Visum Wafer eLluminate
  18. review process: http://vimeo.com/49775707 research advances: http://elifesciences.org/Moving-research-forward-eLife- announces-the-Research-Advance reproducability project: http://elifesciences.org/collections/reproducibility-project-

    cancer-biology Lens: https://github.com/elifesciences/lens/