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miniKanren (clojure berlin)

miniKanren (clojure berlin)

Igor Wiedler

August 12, 2015

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  1. ==

  2. (define append (lambda (l s) (cond ((null? l) s) (else

    (cons (car l) (append (cdr l) s))))))
  3. (define appendo (lambda (l s out) (conde [(== '() l)

    (== s out)] [(fresh (a d res) (== `(,a . ,d) l) (== `(,a . ,res) out) (appendo d s res))])))
  4. (run* (q) (appendo '(l o v e) '(l a c

    e) q)) ;=> ((l o v e l a c e))
  5. (run* (q) (appendo '(l o v e) q '(l o

    v e l a c e))) ;=> ((l a c e))
  6. (run* (q r) (appendo q r '(l o v e)))

    ;=> ((() (l o v e)) ; ((l) (o v e)) ; ((l o) (v e)) ; ((l o v) (e)) ; ((l o v e) ()))
  7. (define eval-expo (lambda (exp env val) (conde ((fresh (v) (==

    `(quote ,v) exp) (not-in-envo 'quote env) (noo 'closure v) (== v val))) ((fresh (a*) (== `(list . ,a*) exp) (not-in-envo 'list env) (noo 'closure a*) (proper-listo a* env val))) ((symbolo exp) (lookupo exp env val)) ((fresh (rator rand x body env^ a) (== `(,rator ,rand) exp) (eval-expo rator env `(closure ,x ,body ,env^)) (eval-expo rand env a) (eval-expo body `((,x . ,a) . ,env^) val))) ((fresh (x body) (== `(lambda (,x) ,body) exp) (symbolo x) (not-in-envo 'lambda env) (== `(closure ,x ,body ,env) val)))))) (define not-in-envo (lambda (x env) (conde ((fresh (y v rest) (== `((,y . ,v) . ,rest) env) (=/= y x) (not-in-envo x rest))) ((== '() env))))) (define proper-listo (lambda (exp env val) (conde ((== '() exp) (== '() val)) ((fresh (a d t-a t-d) (== `(,a . ,d) exp) (== `(,t-a . ,t-d) val) (eval-expo a env t-a) (proper-listo d env t-d)))))) (define lookupo (lambda (x env t) (fresh (rest y v) (== `((,y . ,v) . ,rest) env) (conde ((== y x) (== v t)) ((=/= y x) (lookupo x rest t)))))) github.com/webyrd/quines
  8. (run 3 (q) (eval-expo q '() 'me!)) ;=> ('me! ;

    ((lambda (_.0) 'me!) '_.1) ; ((lambda (_.0) _.0) 'me!))
  9. (run 1 (q) (eval-expo q '() q)) ;=> ((lambda (_.0)

    (list _.0 (list 'quote _.0))) ; '(lambda (_.0) (list _.0 (list 'quote _.0))))
  10. ((lambda (_.0) (list _.0 (list 'quote _.0))) '(lambda (_.0) (list

    _.0 (list 'quote _.0)))) ;=> ((lambda (_.0) (list _.0 (list 'quote _.0))) ; '(lambda (_.0) (list _.0 (list 'quote _.0))))
  11. why

  12. µKanren (define (var c) (vector c)) (define (var? x) (vector?

    x)) (define (var=? x1 x2) (= (vector-ref x1 0) (vector-ref x2 0))) (define (walk u s) (let ((pr (and (var? u) (assp (lambda (v) (var=? u v)) s)))) (if pr (walk (cdr pr) s) u))) (define (ext-s x v s) `((,x . ,v) . ,s)) (define (== u v) (lambda (s/c) (let ((s (unify u v (car s/c)))) (if s (unit `(,s . ,(cdr s/c))) mzero)))) (define (unit s/c) (cons s/c mzero)) (define mzero '()) (define (unify u v s) (let ((u (walk u s)) (v (walk v s))) (cond ((and (var? u) (var? v) (var=? u v)) s) ((var? u) (ext-s u v s)) ((var? v) (ext-s v u s)) ((and (pair? u) (pair? v)) (let ((s (unify (car u) (car v) s))) (and s (unify (cdr u) (cdr v) s)))) (else (and (eqv? u v) s))))) (define (call/fresh f) (lambda (s/c) (let ((c (cdr s/c))) ((f (var c)) `(,(car s/c) . ,(+ c 1)))))) (define (disj g1 g2) (lambda (s/c) (mplus (g1 s/c) (g2 s/c)))) (define (conj g1 g2) (lambda (s/c) (bind (g1 s/c) g2))) (define (mplus $1 $2) (cond ((null? $1) $2) ((procedure? $1) (lambda () (mplus $2 ($1)))) (else (cons (car $1) (mplus (cdr $1) $2))))) (define (bind $ g) (cond ((null? $) mzero) ((procedure? $) (lambda () (bind ($) g))) (else (mplus (g (car $)) (bind (cdr $) g)))))
  13. References (1) The Reasoned Schemer
 Daniel Friedman, William Byrd, Oleg

    Kiselyov (2) Quine Generation via Relational Interpreters
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