Exploring Leadership, Mangement, and Mentorship in Open Source

Exploring Leadership, Mangement, and Mentorship in Open Source

Leadership. Management. Mentorship. When considering decentralized Open Source projects all of these ideas come into play is a truly unique way. That is because of the nature of Open Source itself: self-motivation and self-determination. The individual has considerably more control over their own destiny with respect to what, why, and how they do work as a contributor when compared to "work" inside a more traditional corporate structure. Further there is often a disparity in goals between the create of an Open Source project and those who go on to maintain that same project months or years down the road.

This talk will explore the value systems that exist in Open Source communities and discuss how they shape the ideas of leadership, management, and mentorship in Open Source projects. It will compare these ontologies in projects (both Open Source and not) of varying size, scope, and focus and demonstrate how they manifest directly into actions or structures in the projects. If you've ever wondered how Open Source gets made, this is the talk for you!


Charlie Robbins

July 14, 2017