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Make the most out of your GitHub Profile @ CONNECT REIMAGINE

Make the most out of your GitHub Profile @ CONNECT REIMAGINE

In this talk at WWCode CONNECT REIMAGINE, I showed some features of GitHub that can make our profiles stand out and make them look nice and attractive to potential recruiters/engineers looking to hire. I also talked about some tips to make READMEs appealing for side projects public on GitHub.


Isabel Costa

June 11, 2021


  1. None
  2. Why care about it? • Standout when applying to jobs

    • Put your best developer image forward • Show off your skills @isabelcmdcosta #WWCode
  3. Preparing your GitHub Profile • Profile sidebar ◦ Personal Bio,

    Website ◦ Photo, Location, Twitter • Personal README • Pin Repositories • Contribution Graph & Activity • Organizations @isabelcmdcosta #WWCode
  4. Make your projects shine • README ◦ Markdown or HTML

    • Topics & Description • Deployed link • Stretch ◦ Create issue ◦ Create pull requests (PR) • Promote your GitHub @isabelcmdcosta #WWCode
  5. Bonus: Finding projects to contribute Look for… • Projects you

    know • CodeTriage • Organizations that participate in open source programs • Explore by tag on GitHub @isabelcmdcosta #WWCode
  6. Thank you! @isabelcmdcosta #WWCode Twitter: @isabelcmdcosta GitHub: @isabelcosta Website: isabelcosta.github.io