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Dreaming (unfinished) (psychological)

Dreaming (unfinished) (psychological)

Summary: "Dreaming" is a short story about Gaby, a senior in high school, who has no idea why is sitting in a train, why the train has no other passengers except for one other person, a strange boy who tells her she is in a dream, much to her surprise.

2nd Update: This story is a work in progress, I edit it whenever I have the chance. The original idea was to show a character stuck inside a dream, where she would come to realize later on that her dreams are actually her memories about the horrific train accident she and her friend lived through. I wanted her guilt to be the climax of this short story, since she unconsciously believes she is at fault for her friend getting on that train with her.

1st Update: Storyboards I drew using the prompt "dream" for the #feboardary art challenge on Abby's twitter @ebbigal. I didn't get to finish this yet; I'd like to keep working on this short story so hopefully I can see all the finished boards together. It would be nice to see if the story in its entirety does fit together smoothly, or if reorganizing them would make the story clearer. Overall, this was a good storyboarding exercise.
Happy feboardary2023!


March 01, 2023

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