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Irina Tsyganok
May 26, 2016


Irina Tsyganok

May 26, 2016


  1. To pair or not to pair? Availability Deadlines Sharing is

    caring Junior mind readers Frustrations
  2. Personas Junior Developer Inexperienced Lacking confidence Hesitant to make suggestions

    Minimal knowledge of codebase Senior Developer Expert Confident Happily makes suggestions Expert knowledge of codebase Focus of learning Codebase, terminology, architecture, IDE shortcuts Best practices, trends, performance
  3. Junior Senior Permission to make mistakes Encouragement to experiment Constructive

    feedback Friendly disposition Active engagement The Needs
  4. Junior Senior Permission to make mistakes Permission to make mistakes

    Encouragement to experiment Encouragement to experiment Constructive feedback Constructive feedback Friendly disposition Friendly disposition Active engagement Active engagement The Needs
  5. The pain points - Junior I am slowing him down

    Sometimes I do not understand what he is saying I ask questions all the time
  6. The pain points - Senior He is slowing me down

    We discuss a line of code for 10 minutes Can I just type in and move on? This seems like a one-way conversation What kind of pairing is this?
  7. Junior + Senior != pairing? “A teacher-student relationship feels very

    different from two people working together as equals even if one has significantly more experience... [extremeprogramming.org]
  8. No pain no gain? + Collaboration at the centre of

    company culture + Knowledge transfer + Improved general pairing and people skills
  9. Our strategies Swapping pairs Agreeing on the WIP Comfortable working

    environment Time apart Synchronised breaks Start to end story ownership Small talk
  10. Final Thoughts ..Our willingness to work together could be the

    juice that will push technology forward. We will all have to master pair-programming (not just mentoring) to make this work. It will be awesome. Best regards. -- Ward [Ward Cunningham on Pair Programming to the pdxruby mailing list. Thu, 29 Nov 2012]