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Irina Tsyganok

Irina Tsyganok

Knowledge-sharing session from XP2016, which I presented to the tech community at YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group

Irina Tsyganok

July 01, 2016

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  1. ‘To further the state of agile and lean software development

    by providing a forum at which an international group of experts and novices from both industry and academia can meet and learn from each other’ XP2016 Mission
  2. Day 1. Digital Friction Lab - Key Takeaways The Process

    Signals/Patterns Problem Statement Hypotheses Experiment Not Requirements Not Features Not Estimates Not a backlog of stories Do Multiple Experiments
  3. Day 1. Digital Friction Lab - Key Takeaways Technical Debt

    Having technical debt is not a disaster. Disaster is defaulting on the debt.
  4. Highly Successful Digital Organisations Day 1. Digital Friction Lab -

    Conclusions Do • Constantly Evolving Products • Problems • Hypotheses • Full Stack Teams • Immediate Connection • Tests at Specification • Deployment Pipeline • Federated Architecture Don’t Do • Projects • Features • Estimates • IT • Outsourcing • Testing at the End • Periodic Releases • Monolithic Architecture
  5. Day 2. Keynote Takeaways Allocation: optimizing for happiness Organisation =

    a mesh not a hierarchy Breakfast = “genius piece of social engineering” Don’t hire into leadership roles
  6. Day 2. Keynote - Principles - Use Conway’s Law to

    your advantage - Separate “What” and “How” - Work at sustainable pace - Automate relentlessly - Ensure feedback cycles are fast - Teams own their own quality - Reflect, adapt, experiment
  7. Day 2 - Symbiotic Design Practices - Full Spectrum vs

    Full Stack Developer - Take advantage of Conway’s Law - dynamic reteaming - Legacy code = team lifetime != code lifetime - Feature deletion - The cost of change - Software like biology
  8. Day 3 - Exploiting Fast & Slow Thinking Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

    Coined meme ‘-driven’ in her paper OOPSLA 1989 (TDD, RDD, PDD)
  9. Day 4 - Working Effectively With Legacy Tests Naming Purpose

    Working effectively with legacy tests
  10. Day 4 - Closing Keynote “Conceptual integrity is the most

    important consideration in system design” Fred Brooks The Mythical Man Month