MVC 1.0 - Now Even Better!

MVC 1.0 - Now Even Better!

MVC 1.0, as specified by JSR 371, may not be targeted for the upcoming Java EE 8 release, but the specification is still going on as a standalone specification. It is already possible to use the technology in a Java EE 7 environment and as Java EE 8 and 9 evolves, MVC 1.0 will be kept aligned to take advantage of the features provided by the platform.

This session will go through the fundamentals of this specification and explain the core concepts. We will show lots of code samples showing how to use the framework to build MVC 1.0 applications.

There will even be a demo of tooling support available and tips’n’tricks on how to extend the framework. After this session you will have everything you need to get started using the technology to quickly build secure, flexible, localized MVC Web applications.



March 08, 2017