Making Retrofit Work For You (Ohio DevFest 2016)

Making Retrofit Work For You (Ohio DevFest 2016)

Retrofit's recently-released version 2 is the easiest way to do HTTP in your applications. Once set up, Retrofit is designed to make declaring endpoints as simple as a method on an interface with annotations. Behind that simplicity, though, there is a lot of power and knowing how to use and configure it can make even the most problematic APIs easy to use.

This talk will focus on configuring three parts of Retrofit:

* Endpoint declarations on interfaces which define how requests are created and sent and how their responses are read and parsed.

* Serialization customization that goes beyond just choosing between JSON or Protocol Buffers.

* Execution mechanisms which enable synchronous or asynchronous requests, integration with third-party libraries, and custom error handling.

You will not need prior Retrofit experience, although the focus will specifically be on configuring and customizing its behavior.


Jake Wharton

November 19, 2016