Using Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native on Android (Droidcon NYC 2019)

Using Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native on Android (Droidcon NYC 2019)

Kotlin's compiler backends, JVM, JS, and native, are each often associated with one platform: Android, the web, and iOS, respectively. But nothing about these three backends require that they be used on multiple platforms. Android is one of the few places where we have the potential to use all three!

This talk will explore using Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native in an Android app. First, we'll look at the motivations for why you might want to compile Kotlin to JS or native on Android. We'll cover the tools and libraries which will be necessary for integration into an app. Finally, we'll talk about the positive and negative architectural implications of using multiple Kotlin backends in your app.

Video: coming soon


Jake Wharton

August 26, 2019