Things I wish I'd known about Django

Things I wish I'd known about Django


James Cooke

July 14, 2015


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    Things I wish I’d known about Django A talk all

    about me (sorry) James Cooke // The London Django Meetup
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    About me • Backend developer • Accidental web dev: o

    Five years of PHP o Four years of Piotr saying “check out Django” o Client driven dev o Learning / experimentation debt • Django was my first experience of Python
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    Better Python > Better Django • “Magic” Django functions are

    just powerful Python features. • Accessors, decorators, comprehensions and generators.
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    Deployment isn’t `scp` • Non-trivial deployment. File-orientated is not enough.

    • modpython support deprecated when I started. • WSGI needs some workers - you’re a devops now :D
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    Django’s not rails Adjusting how your Django install works is

    standard and expected. e.g: • Use other libraries. • Extend ORM / object managers. • Templating. • Class based views.
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    Django lets me screw up my data ` != Model.full_clean`

    Many routes data can take into DB: • Form validation in view • View code building objects • Data migrations • Ad hoc queries in shell.
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    Community If I’d know it was this good I’d have

    been here sooner: • Great plugins / tools: South, Mezzanine / CMS, caches, integrations. • High quality community answers • Generally built on strong Python community (I think)
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    Summary • If you’re new: Jump in (sooner) • If

    you’re here now: Don’t fear the magic (use the source) • If you’re pro: Spread the word :D Thanks… got questions? @jamesfublo