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Greenscape Environmental Services

Jamie Ly
March 06, 2010

Greenscape Environmental Services

A proposal for a environmental consulting firm called Greenscape.

Jamie Ly

March 06, 2010


  1. See GMail "Greenscape Final" from David Sie for original powerpoint

  2. Investor Presentation Greenscape Anthony Carotenuto, Brian Deal, Jamie Ly, David

  3. None
  4. Food and Energy Prices

  5. None
  6. None
  7. What if you could save?

  8. Are you going to keep paying the same high electricity

  9. NO WAY

  10. How much could we save you by installing energy efficient

  11. 5%!!

  12. How much could we save you by properly insulating your

  13. an extr

  14. How much could we save you by installing solar windows?

  15. 25% more

  16. Savings? 5% ? 20%? 45%!! It’s a price IMPLOSION!

  17. Greenscape We are an environmental consulting firm.

  18. Present Market Situation •Environmental Movement •Rising Energy Costs •No Clear

    Market Leader •Infant Market •Wide Array of Potential Products and Services •Homeowners left to find Information on their own
  19. Initial Target Market •Concerned about the environment •Affiliated with Sierra

    Club and other orgs •Homeowners •Different products for different incomes
  20. Opportunities and Threats •Rising Prices •Green: Movement or Fad? •Weak

    barriers to entry
  21. Substitutes and Consumers •Is going Green so hard? ◦ DIY

    •Is there a better way to save Green? ◦ Frugal living
  22. Competitive Rivalry •Mostly individual consultants •Green Irene •Landscapers •Home Inspectors

    •The Internet and free information
  23. Survey Results •27 of the 33 respondents were between the

    age of 24 to 35. •½ of those surveyed own a home ◦ 2/3 of those homeowners willing to make investment to make their home energy efficient. •Homeowners were willing to wait an average of 3 years to recoup their investment. •½ of were also interested in annual service agreements
  24. Survey Results Cont’d

  25. Survey Results Cont’d •23 out of the 33 respondents said

    they were most receptive to TV advertising. ◦ The remaining 10 interested in internet, radio, and print advertising. •2/3 of respondents were interested in information regarding solar panels installation. •½ of respondents were interested in rain- capture basins.
  26. Conclusions What were their needs…. • Consultations • Monetary Saving

    Projects • Solely Environmental Projects What was the size of the target market…. 112 MM households • 78 MM home ownership• 9.8 MM in 24-35 age range w home ownership
  27. Getting the Message Out Product • Recognizable brand name •

    Tiered services provide product variety • After-completion support services • Guarantee for initial consultation
  28. Getting the Message Out Promotion • Spokesperson • Public Relations

    • Direct Marketing
  29. Getting the Message Out Price • Higher profit margins for

    solely environmental projects • First level services pricing very competitive
  30. Getting the Message Out Placement • Online Scheduling • Call

    Center ◦ Partnership Presence
  31. Thanks for listening. Questions?