Contributing to Drupal - no experience needed!

Contributing to Drupal - no experience needed!

In this session I will present the many ways that you can contribute to Drupal and the community. This will include code and non-code contributions.

In a nutshell, I will discuss:
* How to contribute to Drupal contrib module development and Drupal core (it's not as hard as you'd think)
* with code
* with reviews
* with tests
* How to help in the issue queues and Drupal Answers with non-coding work
* Improving the documentation
* Helping to translate Drupal to other languages
* Organizing Drupal User Groups, events and code sprints

The audience of this session is mostly to all the non-devs that may be attending Drupal Dev Days, and would like to contribute to Drupal somehow, but don't know how to program.


João Ventura

March 21, 2017