Map Services and Viewers at NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center

7cf5543a499fc318f96c3c218b46be0c?s=47 Jesse Varner
October 11, 2013

Map Services and Viewers at NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center

An overview of interactive maps, cartographic products, and services at NOAA/NGDC. Presented at NACIS 2013 by Jesse Varner, CIRES/University of Colorado.


Jesse Varner

October 11, 2013


  1. Map Services and Viewers at NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center

    Jesse Varner
  2. • One of 3 NOAA Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS)

    data centers (NGDC, NODC, NCDC) • Stewardship, products, and services for geophysical data from our Sun to Earth and Earth’s seafloor and solid earth environment, including Earth observations from space • Located in Boulder, CO • U.S. national archive for marine geophysical and geologic data - “preserving data for your great- grandchildren” • Users: scientists around the world, general public What is NGDC?
  3. • ArcGIS for Server (update to 10.2) • Built on

    Oracle Spatial with ArcSDE • Redundant servers, failover capacity • Over 20 map services: basemaps, operational layers, and reference overlays -- “building blocks” • Map viewers: ArcGIS JavaScript + Dojo • Cached (tiled) and dynamic services ◦ often in “cached/dynamic pairs” • Web Mercator/Arctic/Antarctic Geospatial Architecture
  4. Combines all bathymetric survey data and DEMs stewarded at NGDC

    • Multibeam Surveys • Trackline Bathymetry Surveys • NOS Hydrographic Surveys • BAG Hillshades • Bathy-Topo Digital Elevation Models • DEM Hillshades • NOAA Raster Navigational Charts Bathymetry Data Viewer
  5. • Topography/Bathymetry (30 arc-second resolution) • Combined with Natural Earth

    II coloration on land • Bathy color ramp borrowed from Tom Patterson GEBCO_08 Hillshade Basemap
  6. GEBCO_08 Contours

  7. • Data from many academic institutions and international sources •

    Ship tracks color- coded by date of survey • Drawing order: newer on top of older (SQL ORDER BY statement in DB view) Multibeam Bathymetry Surveys
  8. • Apply a filter to narrow down data of interest

    • Filter by year, ship name, and survey ID Filtering data
  9. • Click on the map to identify surveys • Mouseover

    list to highlight overlapping data • Attributes and link to download data in popup Identifying Data
  10. • Combined bathymetry and topography for many U.S. coastal areas

    • Most at 1 or ⅓ arc- second resolution • Future work: high- quality DEMs for areas affected by Hurricane Sandy (to 1/9 arc-second) • Future collaborations with USGS NED for seamless topo/bathy Digital Elevation Models Contact: Barry Eakins (barry.eakins@noaa. gov)
  11. DEM Hillshades Santa Monica ⅓ arc-second DEM

  12. • Detailed mapping of U.S. near-shore areas for nautical charting

    • Historical surveys dating back to 1800s • Color-coded by decade • Polygons partially transparent, polys beneath still show through • In ArcGIS: convert layer transparency to color transparency NOS Hydrographic Surveys
  13. • Bathymetric Attributed Grid: standard file format for modern hydrographic

    surveys • Often 1 meter resolution or better • Now readable by GDAL, ArcGIS 10.2 (bugs recently addressed) • Hillshade visualizations: preview of data coverage and quality • Workflow: Python, GDAL, ImageMagick (multiply) • ~100 GB of imagery, ArcGIS Mosaic Dataset, ArcGIS Image Service NOS Hydrographic Survey BAGs
  14. BAGs for a single survey, overlaid together for visualization

  15. Mattole Canyon, northern California

  16. Golden Gate

  17. Glacier Bay, Alaska

  18. San Juan Islands, WA (Patos and Sucia Is.)

  19. Hillshades combined with NOAA Raster Navigational Charts

  20. • Isogonic Lines: lines of constant declination (difference of magnetic

    north from true north) • Modeled from 1590 to 2015 • Choose year with time slider Historical Magnetic Declination
  21. • Several map viewers are available in Arctic and Antarctic

    Polar Stereographic (epsg:3995 and 3031, edge 50 N/S) • Bathy/topo from IBCAO (north), IBCSO (south) • Graticule map service overlay for reference Polar Projections
  22. • SOS: room-sized projection system showing a variety of datasets

    on a 6-foot sphere • Over 100 locations worldwide: museums, scientific institutes, etc. Science on a Sphere
  23. • Needs to be Plate Carrée (world as 2 to

    1 rectangle) • Problem: how to show polar areas with minimal distortion? • Use Transverse Plate Carrée projection (AKA Cassini-Soldner) Magnetic Declination for SOS
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  25. • Historical tsunami source events, tsunami observations, significant earthquakes, volcanic

    eruptions • Tsunami events symbolized by 3 variables: cause of tsunami, number of deaths, earthquake magnitude Natural Hazards Viewer
  26. • Tsunami observations symbolized with bars representing wave height Natural

    Hazards Viewer
  27. • Example search showing the March 2011 Japan tsunami and

    5,776 locations where the tsunami was observed Natural Hazards Viewer
  28. Archive of trackline geophysical data ◦ Single-beam bathymetry ◦ Gravity

    ◦ Magnetics ◦ Seismics ◦ Side scan sonar ◦ Sub-bottom profile Geophysical Survey Data Viewer
  29. • Subset by date, ship name, survey ID, contributing institution

    Geophysical Survey Data Viewer
  30. • Aeromagnetic data over Antarctica Geophysical Survey Data Viewer

  31. • Aeromagnetic data over Antarctica Index to Marine and Lacustrine

    Geological Samples
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