Defining A Career In Technology

Defining A Career In Technology

Trying to establish a career in tech may be daunting to some, especially if you come from a non-technical background. Whether you're an absolute beginner or you have some level of experience, there's always the pressing question: what do I do next?
In this talk, we'll cover how to properly define a career in technology. From deciding which area of technology works best for you to finding your first job and developing soft skills that would be useful to you.
I will be speaking about my personal experience with a career in front-end development, from self-learning to a full-time job. I will also be sharing the resources and tools I used to find jobs and other helpful career opportunities.


Jemima Abu

June 10, 2020


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    My Career Path Internship Relocation Remote May 2017 Taught myself

    HTML and CSS using textbooks May 2018 Answered a job post I saw on WhatsApp September 2017 Attended an internship fair June 2019 Applied for a relocation program Self-taught @jemimaabu
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    01 Choosing A Tech Area How do I know which

    tech field I want to work in?
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    Narrowing It Down Interest What do I like to do?

    Design? Code? Strategize? Supervise? Requirements What languages do I need to learn or tools do I need to use? Demand What’s the job market looking like? What’s the average salary range? Community How easy is it to get access to resources or support? @jemimaabu
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    How to choose the best tech career path for you

    - Colin Smith | FreeCodeCamp Further Reading @jemimaabu
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    Soft skills: - Communication - Attention to detail Getting Started:

    - Look out for CFPs online - Think up potential talks - Reach out to local meetup organizers Resources: / Public Speaking @jemimaabu
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    Soft skills: - Story telling - Comprehension Getting Started: -

    Write as you learn - Keep a blog or use an online platform - Share your articles Resources: g-what-and-how-ckastwm2705xq4us1l0cbv v2h Technical Writing @jemimaabu
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    Soft skills: - Social skills - Teamwork Getting Started: -

    Volunteer or apply to teach - Organize classes - Be approachable Resources: hts-on-mentorship-in-tech-d46c8401c 23c Teaching and Mentoring @jemimaabu
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    Soft skills: - Problem-solving - Critical Thinking Getting Started: -

    Look out for beginner-friendly issues on Github - Create an issue on existing projects Resources: Open Source Contribution @jemimaabu
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    05 Finding A Job How do I find and when

    should I apply for internships/jobs?
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    Finding Jobs Online - - - - (search for “hiring *job title* *location*”) @jemimaabu
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    Look out for opportunities - Join communities - Attend local

    meetups - Grow your network - Follow blogs and people @jemimaabu
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    Basics You have a good grasp of the basic necessities

    Proof You have a couple of projects to show for it Research You know the type of industry you want to work in When’s the right time to start looking for a job? @jemimaabu
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    - How I Got My First Remote Job - Jemima

    Abu Further Reading @jemimaabu
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