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Web Tools & Techniques for Print Designers – HOW Live 2017

Web Tools & Techniques for Print Designers – HOW Live 2017


May 02, 2017

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  1. WEB

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  6. Y

  7. What key template could I design that would knock out

    the most reused modules and text styles?
  8. CREATIVE DIRECTOR & ADVISOR Dan Mall “Let’s not design in

    the browser, let’s decide in the browser.”
  9. Value of Design Pairing ➡ Fosters environment of collaboration ➡

    Allows for periodic refinement while the product is built ➡ Helps both designer and developer level up
  10. When to Pair ➡ When there’s questions, challenges, or snags

    ➡ When creating new pages from existing modules ➡ When it’s more efficient
  11. “The hammer and chisel pairing allows designers to add tremendous

    value directly in code.” CONTENT DIRECTOR Emily Gray