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PrismHR Hiring Training Deck

PrismHR Hiring Training Deck

Learn what applicant tracking software is, why companies need applicant tracking software in today's hiring environment, and explore how PrismHR Hiring's features and benefits can help companies hire the best talent.


  1. What You’ll Learn • What is applicant tracking software? • Why now?

    • What is the value? • An overview of PrismHR Hiring’s features • Staffing business models • Sales strategies & onboarding clients • Hands-on exploration & additional resources • Q&A 2
  2. What is Applicant Tracking Software? Online software that helps companies

    manage their recruiting workflow more efficiently by enabling them to: • Post & promote jobs online • Automate candidate screening • Rate, review & communicate with applicants • Hire & onboard great employees 4
  3. YOU Expand and Optimize your Services Reduce your Risk Simplify

    Onboarding What is the Value? 6 YOUR CLIENTS Grow faster Hire the best candidates Save time & money Onboard seamlessly More recruiting channels
  4. What is PrismHR Hiring? Create a New Job Automate Pre-

    screening Post to Job Boards + Social Media Rate, Review & Communicate with Applicants Hire & Onboard Great Talent 7
  5. Post Jobs Online •  New job notifications for PEOs • 

    Customizable public careers page •  Unique URL for each job •  Build a job seeker database through new job alerts •  Integrate active job postings with Client’s corporate careers page 8
  6. Automate Prescreening •  Easily design a custom application form • 

    Prescreening automation •  Archive (knockout Q’s) •  Tag •  Organize your applicant database by skill/ keyword 9
  7. Promote Jobs Online •  Advertise jobs to top ranked job

    boards in a single step •  Share jobs to social media networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ •  Post job anywhere through job’s unique URL •  Automatic applicant source tracking •  Automated employee referral program 10
  8. Rate, Review & Communicate •  Customize recruiting workflow processes with

    star ratings and workflow status options •  Slash your interviewing time through bulk video interviews •  Send bulk “Thanks but no thanks” emails •  Schedule interviews that integrate with your calendar •  Collaborate with other hiring managers •  Conduct background checks 11
  9. Hire & Onboard Great Employees •  Seamless onboarding integration • 

    New hire notifications for PEOs •  New employee onboarding tasks for users •  Evaluate recruitment channels after hiring decision is made •  Manage EEOC compliance 12
  10. Staffing Business Models│Maximizing ROI • Model 1: Recruiting Enablement ‒ Enable Hiring

    menu for all Clients à Get the word out à Client clicks on Hiring menu and auto creates a trial account à Client contacts You to select a Hiring plan à You contact us to enable the plan • Model 2: Staffing Support ‒ Enable Hiring menu for your Client à Click on Hiring menu and create a trial account à Tell us what plan you want à Give your Client access à Offer value-add recruiting services to your Client • Model 3: RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) ‒ Enable Hiring menu for your Client à Click on Hiring menu and create a trial account à Tell us what plan you want à Start posting jobs and getting applicants à Send qualified candidates to your Client 14
  11. Staffing Version│Do you recruit or staff for your clients? • 

    Use PrismHR Hiring’s Staffing Version to offer recruiting and/or staffing services to Clients •  Manage multiple Client searches from a single user interface •  Create a branded careers page in seconds for each Client •  Seamlessly onboard new employees for your Clients •  Organize files, notes and tags on your Client accounts •  Advanced global reporting options across your Client base •  Build a database of qualified candidates 15
  12. 16 Hiring Sales Strategies & Client Onboarding Selling PrismHR Hiring

    as a completely integrated part of the overall solution 16
  13. Sales Strategies│Communicating Value • Complete solution ‒ Hiring rounds out your solution

    suite ‒ End-to-end human capital management ‒ Go head-to-head with the competition • Value of having a fully integrated suite ‒ Greater efficiencies across Client & PEO ‒ A must-have for many Clients • Consultative approach ‒ Identify & leverage Client recruiting pain points • Too many/not enough applicants • Screening process takes too long • Turnover / retention • Compliance ‒ Value-add recruiting services • Send the right message ‒ Persona development ‒ Map the pain point to the persona 17
  14. Onboarding New Clients • Getting Started ‒ Add the Hiring module to

    your solutions suite ‒ Grant access to the Hiring menu for relevant User Roles ‒ Click on Hiring to create a new account •  Contact us to select your Client’s subscription plan •  Each Client has their own Hiring account with a bank of available active job postings •  Client’s Hiring account is fully integrated with Client’s PrismHR account •  Determine Your Approach: hands on vs. laissez-faire •  You offer setup and recruiting assistance •  Have us take care of your Client’s setup (customize settings, post jobs, train users) •  Offer value-add recruiting services 19
  15. Setup a Client’s Hiring Account •  Account Details: customize the

    available settings and options •  Create job postings •  Set up application form screening questions and automation •  Advertise job postings to job boards & social media •  Offer a la carte or full placement recruiting services •  Give your clients access to applicants •  Offer a custom training •  Provide custom training materials that align with the client’s workflow (see support site for resources) 20
  16. 21 Hands-On Exploration & Additional Resources Roll up your sleeves

    and get hands on with creating an account and exploring features 21
  17. • Customize ‒ Company info, URLs ‒ Careers page logo, colors, intro text

    ‒ Workflow options ‒ Email templates ‒ Jobs Widget • Create a Job ‒ Job description ‒ Screening questions & automation • Post to Job Boards • Apply ‒ Rate, review ‒ Communicate ‒ Notes ‒ Files • Bulk actions • Referral Program • Add Users 22 Hands-On Exploration
  18. Resources • Sales Support ‒ Henry Crowe: [email protected] • Hiring demo assistance • Request

    the Hiring module • Request a fully loaded Hiring demo account ‒ Ashley Morgan: [email protected] • Branded sales sheets • Email nurture content • Newsletter content • Technical Support ‒ Support Team: [email protected] ‒ Knowledge base: http://support.prismhr-hire.com • Anything else… ‒ Jess Tejani: [email protected] 23