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Background Checks

Background Checks

A look at the Applicant Experience, when you order a Background Check from our partner DISA

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  1. Email Notification: The applicant will receive an email containing a

    link that they will use to submit their basic information. Note that the email will clearly state when this link will expire.
  2. Registration: The link will bring them to a Registration page

    where they can fill out their basic information.
  3. Welcome Screen: The Welcome Screen will walk your candidate through

    the documents they will be presented with, as they navigate through the process.
  4. The list may include (but is not limited to): 1.

    Electronic Signature Acceptance: You will provide your consent to sign documents electronically. 2. Governmental Notice: If your background screening falls under the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you will receive a governmental document that provides an explanation of your rights under the federal background screening law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 3. Disclosure: You will receive a description of the type of background check to be performed on you. 4. State Notices: You will receive certain state law notices about the background check to be conducted on you. 5. Authorization Form: You will provide your authorization for a background check to be conducted on you. 6. Required Personal Information: You will provide certain identifying information about you that will enable a background check to be conducted. 7. Confirmation Page: You will receive confirmation that that you have submitted the necessary information and be given a chance to print certain important documents related to the background check.
  5. Disclosure Viewing: Next, applicants can review all required disclosures. For

    residents of California, additional disclosures will also be provided as per state regulations.
  6. Summary of Rights Applicants will also receive a summary of

    their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. A PDF of this document can be found at the end of this article.
  7. Other State/Local Notices Your candidate can check a box at

    the end of this notice to request a free emailed copy of the background check report when it is complete.
  8. Providing Secure Personal Information: Applicants are required to provide personal

    protected information. Rest assured, this information is kept secure throughout the process.
  9. Identification Document Examples of Identification Documents include: • Valid Driver's

    License • Social Security Card • Birth Certificate • Military Identification Card • State-issued Identification Card • Passport or Passport Card • Student Identification Card
  10. Confirmation Page Your candidate will receive a confirmation message once

    they have successfully completed all the online forms
  11. Their Background Check is Now Underway! If you have any

    questions about the status of a DISA background check, please reach out to the Support Team. If you contact DISA directly they cannot release information to you unless you have a custom DISA connection with packages specific to your company. All inquiries must be made via the ATS Support Team. If you do have a custom DISA connection with packages specific to your company, the Support Team cannot check on the status of any of your background checks. You should log into the eFetch portal for these updates.